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Hellenic Development and Testing Electronics
1-3 K. Tatla St, Aliveri 34500, Evia, Greece

Our Experience & Expertise

Hellenic Development and Testing Electronics (HDTE) has significant expertise in the areas of:

  • analysis, processing and encoding digital signals, emphasizing in audio signals
  • smart wireless networks sensors, emphasizing in acoustic sensors
  • Remote Embedded Sensor Management
  • complex systems signal acquisition, analysis and processing
  • study of materials in terms of their acoustic properties,
  • non-destructive methods for studying the materials strength based on ultrasounds,
  • acoustic emissions and electromagnetic emissions,
  • data acquisition, storage, analysis, processing, classification and fusion from big-data acquisition systems,
  • room acoustics measurement and simulation,
  • quality and fidelity of audio and video signals measurement.

Our experience guarantees solid and cost-effective solutions, offered in a timely fashion to our clients

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