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Sleep apnea

Regarding Sleep Apnea automated screening, detection and analysis, HDTE plans to offer:

  1. A deep learning platform for automated sleep scoring, using vendor-agnostic polysomnography data. The effort required from medical staff to analyze polysomnography data will be significantly decreased while over/under-estimation of AHI will be virtually eliminated leading to optimal OSASH patient management.
  2. A cross-platform, browser-based software solution for suspected OSAHS patient screening employing a simple, hassle free interface. The basic reporting functionality will be provided solemnly through audio analysis while the inclusion of additional sensors to improve accuracy will be possible.

Existing solutions include different products from different companies for sleep study scoring and home sleep testing with the use of a mobile phone or separate devices. Our approach covers all the above. We plan to provide one solution that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) sleep scoring and analysis of diagnostic center sleep studies and an easy to use prescreening tool that can help reduce undiagnosed cases / broaden customer base. The prescreening tool will be browser based and all devices with a microphone such as mobile phones, desktops, laptops or tablets can be used without the need for any software installation. Browser app can also be combined with external (bluetooth / usb) sensors for possibly increased accuracy.

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